• The Thrill of OTR

    Sitting a mere four spaces from the end of the board, Joey rolls the dice. He is hoping to get a four or higher so that he can get the opportunity to pull a card and play for the win. His hand is shaking because, despite the fact that he’s played OTR a handful of times, he’s never actually won the game. He wants nothing more than to get his name on the board in order to cement his OTR legacy. His nerves get to him, Joey rolls one of the die off the table, and his five friends immediately begin to hiss at him… just one of the odd rules that make OTR unique and amazing. Joey smiles and rolls again. This time, it’s a five.
  • Our Origin Story

    Every hero has its origin story. And OTR - as the hero of your pregame - is no different. I actually never intended to sell OTR. It was just an idea for a game, and I’ve been coming up with those for years. 
  • 30 of the Most Ridiculous Champion's Rules

    One of the best parts about OTR is that when you win, you get to name a spot and make a new rule for whenever anyone lands on that spot, proof of your party game prowess. To celebrate all of these shenanigans, here is a list of the top 30 rules people have come up with after winning OTR.