The Thrill of OTR

Sitting a mere four spaces from the end of the board, Joey rolls the dice. He is hoping to get a four or higher so that he can get the opportunity to pull a card and play for the win. His hand is shaking because, despite the fact that he’s played OTR a handful of times, he’s never actually won the game. He wants nothing more than to get his name on the board in order to cement his OTR legacy. His nerves get to him, Joey rolls one of the die off the table, and his five friends immediately begin to hiss at him… just one of the odd rules that make OTR unique and amazing. Joey smiles and rolls again. This time, it’s a five.

After sliding his piece to the final spot on the board, Joey reaches for the deck of cards. If he wins one final challenge, he wins the game. “Please not a JACKASS card,” he says. “Give me a shot at winning!” He grabs a card from the deck, peeks at it before showing the table, and a small, almost evil grin consumes his face. “HEAD TO HEAD CHALLENGE: FLIP CUP.” Joey gets to pick his competitor. Naturally, he chooses Marisa, who isn’t known for her flip cup prowess.

The room is full of supportive words for Marisa. After all, she is playing for the table. If she wins, the game continues, and everyone still has a shot to get their name on the board. But if she loses, it’s game over. Joey and Marisa tap their cups on the table, cheers each other, tap their cups on the table again, and begin to flip. Marisa nails her flip on the first try, and the crowd erupts. High fives are given, and someone is even chanting Marisa’s name. For a brief moment, she’s a hero.

Joey, on the other hand, has to move back to the designated blue loser spot. It’ll be a few more turns before he gets another shot at winning. Devin pulled a JACKASS card a turn earlier on his attempt to win the game and is sitting on that same designated spot. So despite losing, Joey now has to high five Devin because they’re on the same spot. Another one of those odd rules that helps take the sting out of losing and makes OTR uniquely fun.

Only three spots from the finish, Ryan grabs the die. He’s anxious to win. He rolls a two… no, one die hits the corner of the board and does one more rotation. It’s a three! Ryan wastes no time, he quickly snaps up the top card from the deck and slams it on the table. SOLO CHALLENGE. ANY CUP. If he can throw a ping pong ball into any single cup in a 10 cup triangle, he wins the game. He confidently lines up his shot. It ricochets off of the middle cup, bounces up into the air for what feels like an eternity, and finally lands on the other side of the table. The group lets out a collective sigh of relief. They live to see another day.

Next, Lauren rolls. She rolls a ten and cheers because of the high number, but then she realizes that this places her on a chance space. She pulls a card, looks at it, and everyone can immediately tell that this is NOT good for Lauren. “MAYHEM card,” she says scowling. “Switch with the person in LAST place.” Gordon, who is miles behind the rest of the crowd, bursts into a fit of dancing and screams, “YES, YOU’RE REALLY NEVER OUT OF OTR!”

This puts Gordon three spots from the finish. This situation couldn’t be any better for Gordon because now it’s his turn. He rolls a six, which is more than enough to move to the final space. He pulls the top card, and reads “GROUP CHALLENGE: QUARTERS.” The group lines up around the table to see who can bounce a quarter into a cup fastest. If Gordon finishes first, he gets to name a spot after himself in permanent marker and make a rule for whenever someone lands on his spot. He’s got his spot picked out and has even thought of an incredible rule.

Everyone lines up around the table. There is a joyful tension in the air. Gordon counts it off, “1… 2… 3… GO!”

That’s just a taste of the thrill that is playing OTR. With rules that are borderline ridiculous but just seem to work somehow, it’s the perfect game for any small get together or party. Buy your copy now.

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