30 of the Most Ridiculous Champion's Rules

One of the best parts about OTR is that when you win, you get to name a spot and make a new rule for whenever anyone lands on that spot, proof of your party game prowess. The rulebook states you must use a pen or permanent marker so your rule lives on FOREVER. The more you play the more board evolves. This is particularly great over long weekends like bachelor(ette) parties and weekend getaways because at the end of the weekend, you’ve got a record of all the ridiculous rules people have come up with. 

To celebrate all of these shenanigans, here is a list of the top 30 rules people have come up with after winning OTR. Got a better rule? We’d love to hear about it- drop us a line in the comments!

30. Bounce a ping pong ball into a cup and then flip cup

29. Text your mom an eggplant emoji and a question mark

28. Can’t stop dancing until your next turn

27. Twerk-off! (Loser drinks)


26. Hit any cup in a ten rack with your eyes closed

25. Do a cartwheel

24. Swap places with the person standing to your left

23. Do 10 pushups

22. Take off your shirt

21. The floor is lava!

20. Keep your eyes closed until your next turn

19. Give the person to your left a kiss


18. Text my girlfriend something completely random

17. Buy a round of drinks

16. Do two burpees

15. Make any cup from one foot

14. You must roll doubles in order to move again

13. Salute me, because I am the captain now

12. Roll one die, choose that many people to drink with you

11. Last person to fall on the floor has to drink

10. Best of 3 flip cup

9. You must move backwards on your next roll

8. You must face away from the board until your next turn

7. Rock, paper, scissors with the person to your left (loser


6. Text your number neighbor

5. Head-to-head pong: first one to make any cup wins

4. Give the person to your left a compliment

3. Do the running man

2. Last person to touch their nose drinks

1. Do your best Chewbacca impression



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