How to Play (Backup)

Download the full rulebook here or scroll down for a summary.

The Basic Premise:

Take turns rolling the dice and advance your piece by the number rolled. If you land on the same spot as other players, you MUST high five all players on that spot (this is very important).

How to win:

The first player to complete the board and win one final challenge wins the game. You do not have to land exactly on the final spot in order to play for the win (i.e. you may "go over”). Upon completing the board, draw a card to play for a chance to win the game. If you do not win your final challenge to win the game, or if you pull a JACKASS card on the final space, move directly to the first blue spot

To the victor go the spoils:

Upon winning the game, you may name a spot after yourself. Write the name of the spot on the board in pen or permanent marker. Yeah, go ahead, it’s staying there forever. You earned it baby! Make a rule for when anyone lands on your spot (examples below). Every time you win, you may add one “decoration” to your spot so everyone knows how many times you’ve won (i.e. how awesome you are). For each five wins you accumulate, you may name a new spot and make a new rule (e.g. you may create a new spot and rule on your sixth win).

  • Do the running man
  • Text my significant other something random without any context
  • Do a cartwheel
  • The last player to touch their nose incurs a "house rules" penalty
  • Do your best Chewbacca impression